Nights of Northern Lights

Sights and a day trip to Norway

Visit the northernmost point of Finland and EU on the Finnish-Norwegian border. The well-known beach and fishing area of the river Teno, Boratbokca , is also worth a visit. Alaköngäs, an approximately six-kilometer-long, sparkling rapids with a 25-meter waterfall and The lake Pulmanki with its river valleys are magnificent water systems. Pulmankijärvi Lake is the northernmost lake in Finland, formed by an ancient arctic fjord. The Välimaan Sámi Farm with its buildings is a historical landmark and a museum.
If you are an eager fisherman, we recommend a trip to Norway. The nearest beach fishing place is in Mortensnes just about a good half an hour drive away from Nuorgam. Fishing is free of charge in the Arctic Ocean in Norway.
Mortensnes is the nearest place for beach fishing, just over half an hour’s drive from the Nuorgam. The history and culture of salmon fishing and Teno can be found in the Deanu Museum. The Varanger Sámi Museum presents the history, culture and present day of the Sámi people. The Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Area is a popular beach fishing spot, with stone-age settlements, Sámi sacrificial sites and graves dating back over 10,000 years. The open air museum is open throughout the year.
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