Nights of Northern Lights – Cottages

Accommodation in the arctic nature

Nights of Northern Lights offers accommodation and beautiful scenery in the arctic wildlife in Nuorgam, next to the flowing River Teno and the fells.

Spend your holidays enjoying outdoor activities and relaxing in the jacuzzi under the northern lights!


Aurora Cottage

1-4 person

This ambient shore cottage is where you can enjoy wood-heated sauna, a warm jacuzzi and grilling on the terrace. From the big windows you can admire the River Teno, mountains and norhern lights.

Villa Arctic

1-6 person

Spacious holiday home, where you can always get from the finished stove from the sauna directly to the jacuzzi to admire the mountain and river views as well as the northern lights. Perfect accommodation for families or friends.

Teno`s Temple

1-12 person

Sturdy and high-quality Lapland log villa for the holidays of a larger group. The location next to the Teno River and the mountains allows for a wide range of activities.

Anni`s Cottage

1-8 person

Anni’s cottage is an idyllic holiday home on the banks of the Teno River along the famous Museum Road. The cottage has all the necessary amenities.

Selma's Chamber

1-12 person

Selma`s chamber is a great log cabin in a great location on the banks of the Teno River. There is a separate wood-heated beach sauna next to the cottage.

Astella-Luxury Caravan

1-4 person

The Astella luxury caravan is a unique new accommodation on the banks of the Teno River. Astella’s windows and large terrace offer stunning river views and views of the Norwegian mountains.


Did you know that there are eight seasons instead of four in Lapland? Each season has its own character and it’s an experience itself to observe the changing nature. All of the seasons offer different kind of opportunities for relaxing and exploring outdoor activities in the pure nature.
That’s why a holiday in Lapland doesn’t have to be aimed at a specific time, but each season offers its own magic. Read more about the seasons in Lapland.


Enjoy the genuine peace and quiet of the winter nature. Snowshoe in the crisp winter weather or relax while ice fishing. You might get rewarded with a dinner caught by your own hands.
If summer is your favorite season, make the most of it and hike in the beautiful Kaldoaivi Wilderness, fish salmon on the River Teno or pick berries as much as you can eat. Check out our favorite activities.

Choose your accommodation in Nuorgam

Experience the pure arctic nature. Lapland creates the wonderful setting and we offer you the perfect cottages in Nuorgam. Book your holiday accommodation now and choose the cottage that suits your needs.


Nuorgam is located on the banks of the Tenojoki River, 45 km from Utsjoki. The Arctic region is the northernmost inhabited region in the world , where the diverse nature of nature ranges from snowy snow to green tundra, icy sea and high mountains. The indigenous peoples of the region have adapted to live in unity with nature, borrowing nature from their children, which has preserved its rich natural resources for posterity, which will continue to be cherished.
The Sámi are the only indigenous people in the European Union who live in four states, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Traditional livelihoods such as reindeer herding, hunting, fishing, small-scale agriculture and the collection of natural products, as well as Sámi handicrafts are the foundation of Sámi culture. Animals and nature have always been an important part of the Sámi lifestyle.