Nights of Northern Lights


Half-day trip:

From Utsjoki’s Ailikka and Annivaara you can find a suitable half-day trip ring loops. The ascent to Ailikka is long and demanding, but at the top of the mountain it is smoother. In Ailikka, you get into a real wilderness atmosphere and face the same challenges as further wilderness- creek crossings, rocky and muddy places.
Mainly, however, the routes are excellent mountain biking terrain and are perfect for a few hours excursions. For example, you can visit the Skalluvaara reindeer separation fence or even the Vaisjoki comb and the Vetsijoki waterfall – there are plenty of options! Ailikka also has magnificent views of the Tenojoki and Utsjoki valleys.

One day trip:

An excellent day trip destination is the reindeer village of Njuohkarjärvi, which is less than 20 km away. Part of the journey has to follow the same route, but the wilderness of the area makes an impression.
Njuohkarjärvi used to have a reindeer separation place, but today the cottage village has few visitors. The area’s stunning mountain ranges and clear-water lakes are worth experiencing.

Two days trip:

There is enough to drive on the Kaldoaivi route for two days. You can leave the route from either Mieraslompolo or Pulmankijärvi. The length of the route is about 67 km. The route runs through stunning scenery on the title mountains of Finland’s largest wilderness, Kaldoaivi.
If you wish, you can deviate from the route to see even the wreck of the Junkers plane and the combs of Adolf. The route offers challenges for even more experienced mountain bikers.

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Things to take for biking trip

Helmet: you can get a helmet on loan from us, but you can also bring your own.
Glasses: sports glasses or similar glasses to protect the eyes from wind, twigs, debris and bugs.
Gloves: cycling or ski gloves protect your hands and bring comfort to ride.
Clothing: preferably regular technical clothing. It is a good idea to always have a break jacket in the mountain because of the wind. Stiff sole shoes.
Drink and snacks: you can get water from the mountain streams, but you should always have something to drink and something to eat.
Backpack: snacks, spare clothing and other equipment.
Spare parts: pump, inner tube, tire tools and universal tool if you need from us.
Phone: pack watertight, for example in a minigrip bag.
First aid equipment: if necessary, you can get from us with you.