Nights of Northern Lights


Hiking and camping in Utsjoki area and Nuorgam is a must! There are plenty of versatile and magnificent hiking routes in the area. There are a few one-day routes in Nuorgam, for example from the Isonkivenvaara Peak to Skaidijärvi Lake, where there is a shelter for hikers. The fairly easy Skaidijärvi trail starts about a kilometer away from Nuorgam and is 5,8 km long. In Utsjoki the routes start from the village.
Popular and a little bit more challenging multi-day hiking trails in the area include the 63 km long Kevo trail and Pulmanki-Sevettijärvi trail that is 60-70 km long depending on the route choice. Explore the routes and maps and the great hiking destinations as well. You can ask us for guided tours.